Big Business – Mind The Drift

Big Business Mind The Drift:

Big Business are back and rocking as ever. It seems that they learned a bit while being in the Melvins. Previous Big Business albums had been good, but became repetitive as they went on. Here the tracks all vary enough to keep the listener engaged. The drumming and riffing are top-notch as always. The vocal have improved, with them being able to create great vocal melodies. One of the best rock albums to be put out this year and also the strongest Big Business release yet.

Danny Echo – Self Titled

Danny Echo Self Titled:

This is decent Power Pop from Vancouver. It’s hard to name a contemporary band similar to this, but the album does have the feeling of something that early 90s radio would love. The lead singer’s voice is powerful and used well. There are also some great vocal harmonies through this album. Some songs do fall a bit flat, but these are made up for by the good moments, like when the piano is broken out. Also many of the songs are insanely catchy, showing off the bands ability to match good hooks with enjoyable choruses. Definitely a solid full length from a band that will probably be feathered on the soundtrack to a show like S.C.R.U.B.S.

Sights & Sounds – Self Titled EP

Sights & Sounds Self Titled EP:

The couple of dudes from Comeback Kid and a few other Canadian bands got together and made a side project that sounds like Jawbreaker. These guys will defiantly appeal to women with their light, melodic sound and nicely sung vocals. There are some good harmonies and great piano lines sprinkled through out the disk. While the sound is not super original, it’s done well enough to warrant a spin in the CD player. Expect your girlfriend with the snakebites to be jocking the hell out of these guys.

Bell X1-Blue Lights on The Runway

Bell X1 Blue Lights on The Runway:

Acoustic indie pop with a bit of country twang. The music and vocal harmonies are pleasant enough, but the lyrics run the gamut from average to a little goofy.

Rating: 9/15 Questions for this Mr. Wolf character

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3-Goodnight Oslo

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 Goodnight Oslo:

Sweet and melodic rock provided by the Venus 3 complements the sensitive, but neurotic lyrics and singing style of Robyn Hitchcock. The music stays fairly simple allowing for the great vocal harmonies and lyrics to take precedence. Driving but moody goes well with a steering wheel in your hands.

Rating: 13/15 I wanna destroy yous

The Band-Music From Big Pink

The Band Music From Big Pink:

The album I think of when I hear the term “Classic Rock.” Beautifully harmonized vocals, fantastic organ playing, and several great song writers. None of them died in a puddle of their own vomit while they were at their peak, nor did any of them have the, “I’m a huge douche worship me,” aura of many of their contemporaries. They were just a damn good band. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

Rating: 15/15 BUM BAH BAH! BAH!

Grayceon – The Grand Show

Grayceon The Grand Show:

Sounds like Neurosis meets Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum. Great vocal and violin work, the only real flaw is the production. These guys/girl should call Steve Albini.

Rating: 12/15 Angry three part vocal harmonies