Buried at Birth-Pestilent Hallucinations

Kick Ass grindcore with awesome dualing vocals. While Badass guitar riffs abound Buried at Birth’s true marker is their rhythm section. Donovan Kelley is an excellent finger-style bassist who is actually audible in the mix and Ryan Fassler mixes up the blasts with excellent tom and cymbal work. Go to Grindcorekaraoke.com and download Pestilent Hallucinations it fucking rips. Also, remember to read the lyrics they skirt the boundary of brutal and poetic in the best way.


  1. Thanks so much for the killer review!
    — Donovan Kelley

  2. I’ll second that! Thanks for the kind words about our band!!

  3. […] Scott of makeshiftreviews.wordpress.com was kind enough to give us a great review for our Grindcore Karaoke digital release Pestilent Hallucinations  which you can still download!  Check out the review here. […]

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